Orthodontist - Benefits Greater Than Just A Beautiful Smile!

Everyone is fully aware of the fact that orthodontic treatment results in an elegant and beautiful smile. But do you know that the benefits of treatment are a lot more than just aesthetic?

Overlapping or crooked teeth are, no doubt, an eyesore, but they can also be a mouth-sore. Patients are starting to discover that adequate orthodontic treatment can result in better long-term health of their teeth and gums. Let’s discuss some of the best reasons why patients seek this treatment to find out why it is a lot more than just a straight smile.

When your teeth are crooked or overlapped, it becomes difficult to properly clean the surface of all of your teeth. Over the course of time, build-up from drinks and foods will contribute to the formation of cavities and cause tooth decay. Southfield, Michigan patients who use invisible braces or standard metal braces to straighten their teeth are, in-fact, enhancing their ability to adequately clean their teeth. Periodontal disease may lead to a possible bone and gum loss, not to mention the teeth loss.

Teeth that are not properly aligned are known as malocclusion and can have negative wear patterns on your teeth. When left untreated, it can lead to teeth being worn poorly over the period of time. That can require you to opt for veneers or bonding. Teeth that are not properly aligned also create stress on the muscles supporting jaw, thereby contributing to jaw pain. Malocclusion can also cause loss of gum and bone support of the teeth, which could ultimately result in loss of teeth. 

An overbite happens when the top teeth overlaps the bottom teeth, often biting into the palate. Overbites lead to unusual wear on the bottom teeth. The bottom teeth can become chipped, thereby requiring repair by the dentist. 

Getting treatment from a renowned orthodontist can improve the performance of your teeth and may even relieve the jaw pain commonly associated with the improper alignment of the teeth. Treatment can improve the wear patterns of your teeth, in addition to guaranteeing long-term health of both gums and teeth. 

And while you can get the orthodontic treatment at any age, it is best that you receive this treatment at an early age. Orthodontic treatment can steer permanent teeth into more favorable positions, preventing you to have the extensive work done in later stages. 

With that said, getting efficient treatment depends upon your selection of the orthodontic professional. If you are looking to find a suitable orthodontist in Southfield, Michigan, then consider using our services. Our team consists of a team of experienced and highly qualified professional dentists. Graduated from top medical institutions, our dentists have been serving patients with different needs for a number of years. 

You can judge the quality of a dentist by determining whether their past clients were satisfied with the service. Due to our dedicated services and experienced staff, we have been able to enjoy good support from our past clients. You are free to contact our past clients to find out about their opinions and views about our services.